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Here is why we think you need to join a co-working space!

co-working space

Remote work options are on a rise. Most companies, if not all, are offering remote work opportunities for many job positions. This, in our view, is a very smart move to make work environments flexible. As more companies are embracing work from home options, co-working spaces are playing their part to fill a void. 

What does a co-working space look like? 

Co-working offices look exactly offices but without the rigidity that most traditional offices have.  Co-working spaces or shared offices offer networking opportunities, social encounters and provide human to human interaction that working at home alone won’t. A shared office that a co-working is, provides a great space for people from different fields to mingle and build opportunities for each other. 

But despite all the good things we hear about co-working spaces, why do you think it’s important to encourage the culture of co-working spaces  and why should you as an individual or an employee of a company should get into one? 

Co-working space or a shared office isn’t just about accommodating freelancers. It’s much more! 

It benefits both companies and their workers equally. The companies get the freedom from maintaining an office and all the mainstream that comes with it. All is handled by the co-working space management. 

On the other hand, the employees get to enjoy a freedom from a typical rigorous work environment. This contributes towards more work flexibility and better performance. 

Pros and Cons of a co-working space

Below is a quick look at some pros and cons of co-working spaces 


  1. Co-working spaces work positively for both companies and their employees. Companies get to save lots of money because costs incurred at a co-working only includes the rent and the rest is handled by the space management.  On the other hand, employees get the chance of working in the way they like. 
  2. Shared-offices allow employees who work from home to  work in a professional set up to enhance their performance 
  3. For companies to pay monthly rent is far more convenient than paying a whole office lease. 
  4. Mobile works get a chance to improve their networking 
  5. The maintenance cost of offices reduced to nil for companies as all is handles by the shared office management. 
  6. Individuals and teams get to choose from a diverse range of spaces such as individual sittings and personal offices. 


  1. If the space is not enough, the co-working aspect doesn’t evolve much. 
  2. Distraction at work becomes very common because of a diversity of people working together under a single roof. 
  3. Traditional employees or companies might not feel comfortable in a setup like this. 
  4. Most co-working spaces do take care of public noise but if they do not, it all leads to unproductivity. 
  5. With so many kinds of professionals working together, the possibility of conflict might arise

Let coworking contribute towards your success 

We have given you a clear picture of what a co-working space is and how it can benefit both the company and its employees. Now it’s all up to you! If you think you are made for a co-working environment, join one now and let it play a part in contributing positively towards your career. 

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