Venture Drive is now at PIA road near Wapda Town

Are you looking for a coworking space near Wapda Town? With its newly-built facility, Venture Drive is here to serve you.
You can now find us on PIA road. Book a visit and be a part of our tribe.

Coworking space near Wapda Town

FAQs Regarding Coworking space

What is Shared Office Space for Rent

Looking for a workspace for rent around your location? Venture Drive will always have a solution for you. Whether you are in you can find the best workspaces that fit within your budget. You only have to enter shared workspace near me and rest is our responsibility to walk you through options available in your city. We have curated office space solution on-demand to meet your requirements. From meeting rooms to event spaces, and private office to commercial space for rent, you can get them all on our single platform. You can also enjoy the benefits of Flexi pass across all the centers of Venture Drive. So, wait no more and get access to your plug and play office with India’s leading coworking space provider.

Best Coworking Spaces Near Wapda Town or PIA Road ?

There are many Coworking spaces in Lahore right now so to chose the right one is very difficult.

Co-working spaces comparison will help you to choose the best co-working space near Wapda Town & Near PIA road. Venture drive brings you the best options for co-working spaces with high-end interiors and amenities. If you have just typed “shared office space for rent near Wapda Town” and landed at this page, then congratulations, you are at the right place. Here you can find a huge variety of shared office spaces for different team sizes. From high-speed internet to food & beverages, meeting & conference rooms, and a dedicated desk to hot desk, you’ll have access to all such necessities. So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our site and find the best workspace option for your needs.

What is a Coworking Space?

The idea was coworking came to life in 2005 and it was then described as a healthy work environment created for the comfort of different businesses. It is a culture that brings people from different professions together and makes them share their ideas while working on their setups. A co-working is a space that ensures the flow of productivity without sacrificing different employee needs.

What are the benefits of shared office spaces?


A shared office space, in simple terms, is a space that offers lots of flexibility when it comes to renting, office rules, timing, and workspace options. As opposed to a traditional office, you as a freelancer has a choice to start and work whenever you feel like. You also have the liberty to choose the kind of work environment you want, for example, you can either choose a spot for yourself in an open shared space or go for a private cabin.

Great to save money and reduce responsibilities

Co-working spaces are also very cost-effective. Instead of owning an expensive office in a plaza, you can always rent out an office in a co-working with affordable rent. With a Coworking space, you also need not worry about any other costs such as maintenance charges or office staff salaries. All is handled by the co-working management.


A Co-working space gives you the liberty to choose from a hot desk, private cabin, meeting room, event space, or a conference hall. You can just rent out the space you require rather than paying a hefty amount for a full floor in a building.


Community Building

A co-working also provides an opportunity to meet professionals from different work sectors. It is a great space that can help you build your business and learn from your co-workers.

Customized office spaces

Coworking spaces are known for customizing different office preferences and making sure all needs and requirements are met. For example, co-working spaces build offices for people who need an office for 50 plus people but aren’t able to find one. You, as a customer, have the liberty to ask the management to increase or decrease the availability of amenities according to your preferences. If you plan to expand later, co-working spaces are great for you because their customizable offerings work well for all kinds of businesses.

Why choose Venture Drive?

Every business needs a comfortable and stress-free environment to launch their dream and that is what Venture Drive aims to provide. Located in two major towns of Lahore, Venture Drive is a co-working space that offers all basic amenities such as running internet, office staff, tea services, food, and cleaning services. Venture Drive aims to build a co-working culture in Lahore and prove a great shared office experience.

Venture Drive has everything. Below is the list of kinds of offices we rent out.

Private Office

Our private offices are perfect for teams with 10 to 15 members. We also give a choice to our customers to get customized private offices for teams in bigger sizes. With great furniture and beautiful furniture, our private are declared hot favorite by a majority of our co-workers.

Dedicated Desk

A dedicated desk gives you the chance to be your boss. This is best for startups and small businesses. Individual freelancers also go for dedicated desks as it costs them lower than a private office. The dedicated desk gives you 24/7 access to our office and you can also enjoy the company of other businesses sharing the space with you.

Meeting/Conference Rooms

These are the most popular rooms at Venture Drive. The good thing is that these rooms are available for registered co-workers and also those who don’t rent space at Venture Drive. In a meeting room, Individuals and teams have access to an LCD, a meeting whiteboard, a desk, and few chairs, all perfect for a successful meeting. The meeting room can be rented on a per-hourly basis by the outsiders as well.

Coworking space new wapda town

if you are looking for a Coworking space near Wapda town  then its a 1 km drive from Wapda Town Roundabout


Coworking space new wapda town

if you are looking for a Coworking space near UCP  then its a 1 km drive from Wapda Town Roundabout