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Office Boy

Our office boy is available 24/7 at serving tea bring lunch and dinner for workers from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM  

Biometric Entrance

we have deployed Biometric Entrance system that let you identify and unlock the door with your thumb.

Uninterrupted Power

we have currently deployed 3000 watt UPS with 400 AMP power backup.

Security Cameras

we have deployed 5 cameras inside our space covering each corner and let you relax with a fact that when you are inside our space you and your...

Conference Rooms

Our cooperate conference rooms ambiance will help you, to have a private conversation with your local or international client. The environment is...

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A lot of coworking communities are formed by organizing casual coworking events  that can take place in private living rooms or in public places.
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address & shipping
Per Year
Send and receive packages and mail from our midtown location. Conference room bookings available.
packages available
Per Month
Monday through Friday access to open workspace with conference room bookings available.
permanent desk
Per Month
Get a dedicated working space for a permanent use. Meeting and conference rooms are available.
private suits
Per Month
Schedule company events or meetings on a regular basis. Snacks and drinks available for free.

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Connect With Friends, Find Your Soulmates

A lot of coworking communities are formed by organizing casual coworking events  that can take place in private living rooms or in public places.

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People Talking About Us

This place is Amazing. Professional environment and excellent facilities especially the high-speed internet & the new snacks & beverage service are totally worth it. I have been here for 3 months now and the community is really helpful in getting good resources for freelance work as well. Venture Drive is providing excellent services at a very reasonable price and I am glad to be part of this community. The location is also very convenient. It is in the centre of the city & near a huge marketplace in Johar Town which is easy for my clients to locate and gives a very good first impression as a whole. I would 100% recommend you to visit it if you are looking for a highly productive environment. Regards, Talha

Talha Uzair
Talha UzairCEO & Founder at FASTapps

Co-working spaces are a good place where you can use as your workplace. Venture Drive is a nice co-working space where you get a peaceful environment and a good work atmosphere. comfortable seating enables you to concentrate more on your work. You get unrestricted access to the internet. Tea is served regularly that helps you stay fresh and alert for work. If you are a small startup, you can get your private cabin where you can have group discussions at any time without worrying about the reservation of the meeting room. Overall VentureDrive is good, Affordable neat and clean and with a professional environment.

Adnan Zahid
Adnan ZahidTeam Lead at Hybrid Human
This workspace is very well thought out. Being a part of a small team, I have had a great experience being at Venture Drive for the past 6 months and I find it excellent for doing quiet work and socializing with like-minded coworkers. Its a vibrant office with great energy, love the atmosphere! Facilities are good which includes meeting room, cafeteria, free tea/water, high-speed internet with at least 3 backups. They take special care of their clients by talking to them one to one, understanding their company as well as their business and help them grow. Perfect place for pro-freelancers and startups to make something happen. Wish them all the best for future endeavours 🙂
Naeem Qaswar
Naeem QaswarProject Manager