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Office Boy

Our office boy is available 24/7 at serving tea bring lunch and dinner for workers from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM  

Biometric Entrance

we have deployed Biometric Entrance system that let you identify and unlock the door with your thumb.

Uninterrupted Power

we have currently deployed 3000 watt UPS with 400 AMP power backup.

Security Cameras

we have deployed 5 cameras inside our space covering each corner and let you relax with a fact that when you are inside our space you and your...

Conference Rooms

Our cooperate conference rooms ambiance will help you, to have a private conversation with your local or international client. The environment is...

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A lot of coworking communities are formed by organizing casual coworking events  that can take place in private living rooms or in public places.
membership types
address & shipping
Per Year
Send and receive packages and mail from our midtown location. Conference room bookings available.
packages available
Per Month
Monday through Friday access to open workspace with conference room bookings available.
permanent desk
Per Month
Get a dedicated working space for a permanent use. Meeting and conference rooms are available.
private suits
Per Month
Schedule company events or meetings on a regular basis. Snacks and drinks available for free.