Venture Drive

The culture of co-working spaces and Venture Drive

I have always been a freelancer, worked from home and always enjoyed that. Working from home was my only option as I used to find cafes and other public places with internet facilities quite annoying and crowded. I had never in my life searched about co-working spaces or shared offices because I never thought they existed. Just recently, with recently I mean a year back, I came across this well-written article on various co-working spaces in Karachi. The article surprised me because I had always thought that these spaces were part of the western culture and we Pakistanis haven’t been introduced to this one yet.

The image of a co-working space always fanaticized me because having people from different backgrounds, experiences, work lives and education under one single roof is something very amazing and phenomenal. Since, I have always worked from home and my interaction with new people has always been nil, I have always wanted to work in a comfortable environment where I can meet different people, learn from them and simultaneously work the way I like. I am from Lahore so after I read the article, the first thing that came in my mind was to find a shared office space in Lahore. I goggled and came across many. I shortlisted a few that I thought were closer to my home. The next day, I made appointments with the respective owners of the co-working places and visited all the shortlisted office spaces. After my visit, I was clear where I wanted to be and that was Venture Drive.

Why did I choose Venture Drive? Well, Venture Drive was the place I could called home the very minute I stepped into the main hall. This place has a strong, youthful vibe to it. The place looks like as if it has been made with love and taking into account the comfort of its clients. The various motivational quotes on walls and pillars serve as amazing reminders. The chairs and tables they offer are super comfortable. I can sit on my chair for hours and hours and not feel tired at all. The internet speed is more than I require and the staff is too honest and modest. They genuinely hear your issues and resolve them as soon as they can. Overall, Venture Drive ticks all the boxes for me. It serves its purpose and that’s remarkable. I would recommend this place to all the freelancers because Venture Drive is the place to be.

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