How Co-working spaces in Lahore are building a positive community

Know why and how co-working spaces in Lahore are contributing towards building a positive community and creating progressive working environments

Do you know what amazes us is that in many working places of Pakistan, the community culture is totally non-existent. As strange as this might sound, this is actually very true. A majority of working places are full of work politics and learning from your co-workers or forming a positive community is the last thing that most companies work for. This is sad as it wastes so much talent. 

A working community is an asset and it’s quite unfortunate that a lot of companies in Pakistan aren’t putting in efforts to create one.

A traditional set-up where hierarchy system is all that matters and mingling of various departments is taken as a waste of time, a lot of companies in Pakistan are ruining the true essence of a healthy work environment. But then there are a few people who are taking the community aspect of different kinds of businesses, quite seriously. Who are these?

These are the people who run co-working spaces and aim to build a work environment that involves lots of connections, learning and respect for each other’s field. 

What are these co-working spaces and why are they becoming popular? 

Many of you won’t be aware of what exactly co-working space is. A co-working is a huge office or building that houses more than one company under a single roof.

A co-working space is a system in which many companies come together and work without affecting each other’s businesses but rather helping each other build and grow.

A co-working space usually houses small and medium enterprises, startups and individual freelancers working to build a career for themselves. There are people from a finance background, law, computer sciences and technology and so many other fields making a living from themselves. They are provided with their own offices or seats on a monthly rent basis and the rest of the costs such as electricity, maintenance, internet, food, etc is looked after by the co-working space’s management. To call a co-working space, working heaven and a modern twist to a traditional office system, won’t be a wrong thing to say. 

How is a co-working space in Lahore building a future community? 

Here are a few spaces in which Lahore’s co-working spaces are contributing towards the aim of building helping communities 

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  1. With so many people from different fields working under a single roof, mingling becomes easy and so does learning. People get a chance to meet new professionals every day and learn a thing or two from them. 
  1. Many co-working spaces in Lahore hold various events and exercises to create awareness among people of different work styles and work ethics. Exercises are conducted to initiate bonds among co-workers so that they can stay connected if it’s needed to be.
  1. Co-working spaces also arrange seminars under the guidance of experts from different fields. Most of these seminars are free for co-workers and are a great chance to learn new things from each other. 
  1. Trips, movie nights and team lunches are conducted for coworkers to make communication effective between people so they enjoy working in an office that offers lots of connection.

All these activities in a co-working space are done to build a positive community that has the ability to respect each other’s fields and build connections so that the right source is approached when needed. 

Building communities is the future of a brighter Pakistan

A positive community is our future. Staying together as one will define this country’s future and that’s what our future entrepreneurs need to understand. Co-working spaces are a first step towards achieving just that. If you are a freelancer or run a small enterprise, join a co-working near your area today and affiliate yourself with a community that can help you build and grow.

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