How do co-working spaces help initiate a great work-life balance?

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Is working remotely all fun?

Who doesn’t love to work remotely from their home? Well, no one! Yes, we said it straight because that is a fact. Working remotely has so many perks. You can work while staying in your bed all day. You have the choice to take breaks whenever you feel like and the liberty to shift from one room to another for a change is environment, is an added perk. But what remote working from home doesn’t allow you to practice is discipline at work. It also fails to save you from so many distractions. When you do not have a fixed timing for work, you end up losing your productivity which not only affects your work-life but also plays a great role in harming your personal-life. Then, there are so many electricity and internet issues that individuals, working remotely, face at their homes. All these hindrances end up hitting the work-life balance quite severely.

How do co-working spaces save freelancers and small companies from getting trapped in the world of remote working?

We do agree that the freedom one gets from working remotely is amazing but what good will it bring when your work-life balance is a total disaster and you end feeling depressed rather than happy? Fortunately, for freelancers and small enterprises who have the privilege of working remotely, have co-working spaces available for their services.

Co-working is spaces that are specifically designed for individuals and offices who either have the option of working remotely or who want to run an office without caring about maintenance or labour costs and only want to pay off a basic rent. A Co-working space can be labelled as both a product and also as a service. The product aspect is the space that one gets to work from e.g. a work station or a closed office while the service aspect is met by various services such as office boy services, tea, electricity, internet etc. that co-working spaces offer their customers.

Everything that these co-working spaces offer reflects their identity and their aim to exist in this world. For people, who work from home, co-working is an escape from a boring home office. It is that” light at the end of the tunnel’, that can help them work productively at a work environment that’s quite different from a traditional office but provides all those basics that one gets at an office.

Read to know how co-working spaces can help you build a work-life balance!

To understand, how co-working spaces can help you achieve a great work-life balance, read the bullet points below.

  • Co-working spaces help you to stick to a fix schedule for work and also provide you a distraction-free environment so that you can focus on your work, attentively
  • Co-working spaces urge you to dress up for work. Dressing up right for work guides your brain to become more focused and it also ends up encouraging you to look after yourself. Working in PJs is just what lazy people do and you are not one!
  • When you will know that you have a space only for you work, you will never take your work to home. This will create a nice balance between your work and personal responsibilities.
  • Co-working spaces are great to instil lots of discipline in your work life which then results in a lot of time for personal time.

 While trying to work on your own or working as freelancers remotely, the last worry in your mind should be how to keep a balanced work and personal life. Co-working spaces help you choose a work environment for yourself. These spaces draw a line between where work should be and where your home should be. If you are willing to rent out a spot for yourself at a co-working in Lahore, visit Venture Drive today and get your life sorted!

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